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About me

Hi! I'm Tahlia!

I’ve always been a little bit in love with love. I was naturally drawn to the wedding industry because I love celebrating with people just like you. In fact, before I started studying film, I initially began as a wedding makeup artist!


However, I knew there was something more. There’s something about capturing the raw, beautiful moments of a wedding that is just such a pure delight. It’s not just about exploring my creativity, but also about joining you as you experience one of the most special days of your entire life.

This passion lead me to study a Bachelor in Film, Television and New Media, so you can be sure that by booking with me you’re getting high quality services from a professional. 

I couldn’t imagine myself in any other field. I get to explore beautiful new places. I photograph people by the sea, on mountain tops, in pouring rain and in gorgeous warm sunlight — how could I ever sit at a desk working 9–5 after experiencing such a joyful career?

I am based in Australia and available worldwide. Contact me to enquire about your wedding date. I can’t wait to hear from you!



Hey there, loved up babes! 

Congratulations, lovers! Love is such a beautiful thing and your lifelong commitment is so worthy of celebration.

You’ve made a promise to commit to forever, and now it’s time to decide who the right person is to capture your special day.

Whether you’re newly engaged, or you’ve been deep in the planning trenches for a few months now, I’m sure you know that wedding planning can get a little bit overwhelming. Here’s how Sundown Film and Photography can help you remove the stress from booking in a photographer or videographer, and why we might just be the perfect match.

For the adventurous lovers who don’t want to forget a second.

I’m all about capturing raw love. When you book in with me, you won’t find yourselves being forced into unnatural poses or rushed around from shot to shot. My photojournalistic style means you’ll be free to embrace the beauty of the moment, to share a kiss, to truly laugh with your bridal party. Not only does this make the day even more wonderful, but then you get a gallery that truly represents your authentic love.

A calming, joyful presence when you need it the most.

Whoever you choose to be your photographer or videographer is invited into the most intimate moments of your wedding day. There will be time when it’s just you, your new husband or wife, and me. I don’t take this role lightly, and always work to naturally immerse myself into your experiences rather than to be an imposing presence.

Storytelling at its finest, so you can remember as much as possible.

Marriage is a full on deal. You’re signing up for life long commitment through health and sickness, through ups and downs, through children, career changes, and old age. Hopefully, your wedding day will be up there with some of the most joyful experiences of your entire life.

I take pride in speaking truth into stories. Rather than creating a narrative based on what’s convenient, I will work to capture all of the incredible moments on your wedding day to harness the essence of your unique experience.

This means that when things feel tough in the future, when you haven’t slept for days because of your beautiful new baby, when work schedules seem to overlap in the worst way possible — you’ll have strong, tangible memories of why you fell in love in the first place. It’ll all be worth it when you sit down in 50 years to show your grandkids your special day.

Your makeup, hair, beautiful food, and decorations will only last for the day, but these memories are forever.




Let's talk

I’m all about keeping your wedding planning stress free and fun, so booking in is a super simple process.

Contact me to chat about packages (please note I am currently only available for either photography or videography, not both) and to see if I’m available for your wedding day, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re like most couples, you’ll want to secure your photographer or videographer with lots of time to spare to make sure you nab your top choice. Most couples book in 12–18 months before the big day.

All available dates are first come, first serve. I will hold the date exclusively for you once we have a finalised contract and just a 20% deposit.

Now, the fun stuff! It’s time to start thinking about how you want your day to go. I’m always happy to meet with you or chat over the phone to answer any questions, bounce ideas around, and help you plan out your timeline. 

Let’s make some magic together. Enquire below about availability for your big day.


I'll be in touch soon!

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